With the arrival of classified apps, commercial vehicle industries have gone digital. Auticto is an OLX type app where there is a community of sellers and buyers exists. It is a mobile application that is developed exclusively for commercial engines – a reliable classified app where users can buy and sell vehicles online.

What Is A Classified App?

The purpose of a classified website or mobile app is to let people buy, sell, or rent items such as land, pets, furniture, books, electronics, education, and more online. It helps to gear up the business to the next level. The common features possessed by any kind of classified apps are;

  • User Friendly
  • Access To Local Deals
  • Maps & Location Integration
  • Easy & Fast Posting
  • Notification
  • Instant Messaging
  • Real-Time Stats
  • Image Gallery
  • User Profile
  • Review & Rating
  • Payment Integration
  • Unlimited Categories

Advantages Of Auticto 

  • The Auticto marketplace makes buying and selling vehicles and accessories easy.
  • Auticto makes it easy for business owners to either purchase or sell commercial vehicles and accessories as well. 
  • It covers over 100+ cities across India and the user can enter their own location and check whether they can avail of the service or not.
  • Users can follow parties who share the same interests.
  • The users can post separate ads for both accessories and vehicles.
  • The sellers can post the ad including all the details and images of the product. The user can go through the image gallery to view the images of the product they wish to buy.
  • The mobile application lets the users choose from various categories of vehicles and accessories to buy and sell. 
  • Choosing to keep their contact information private or public is entirely up to the users.
  • The verified users can request the contact number of the sellers when they get interested in the ad.
  • Auticto makes it simple for the users to make an Offer against the vehicle or spare parts they like. 
  • It lets the user negotiate a price with the seller, who may either accept or counter the offer.
  • In the event both parties are satisfied, payment can be made to the seller and the product will be delivered.

Key Features Of Auticto App

Since there exists a number of competitors,  a newly developed classified app must be built with all the latest attributes assembled in it. To meet the demand of the users, Auticto is developed in such a way that it possesses all the advanced features.

  • User registration

The users can download the application from the Google play store or the App store. Once downloaded, the user can log in to the app either by using a verified phone number or email.

  • Profile creation

Once the user logged in to the app, they can create a profile by entering the personal details including a profile image to become a trusted seller. The user has a dashboard that displays the live ads, pending ads, rejected ads, and deactivated ads.

  • Sell the product

The users can sell their products easily in a few steps. They can post their ad along with the images of the product they wish to sell. It can be either a vehicle or its accessories. While posting the ad, the seller can choose which category their product belongs to and enter the complete details regarding the same. Once the product is sold, the seller can mark it as SOLD OUT.

  • Deactivate Ad

Any seller who wishes to deactivate their ad for whatever reason can easily do so and reactivate it later. An admin may also deactivate ads that do not appear to be genuine.

  • Add to favorites

The users can add the ads to their favorites list just by a single tap. Since there are numerous advertisements posted by various sellers, there may arise a chance to miss the ad once viewed. So if the buyer finds the suitable product they are looking for, then they can easily add it to the favorites list.

  • Sort and Filter the ads

Ads can be filtered according to one’s priorities. The user can apply the filters such as brand, Insurance, year, Kilometers and search for the desired product. Also, the ads can be sorted on the basis of the date on which it is published, the price (either from low to high or high to low), and the rating.

  • Send messages

The application provides a chat option where the users can send messages to each other. So that the buyer and seller can create a personalized space to share further details regarding the contract such as payment, shipment status, delivery status, and more.

  • Notifications

Every time someone in the following list publishes a new ad, the users will receive a notification.


Over the past several years, classified apps have become popular among common people. The main reasons why online buying and selling are successful are the easy availability of such services and the innovation they offer. In terms of unique selling behavior, Auticto has revolutionized the way people sell commercial vehicles. The business owners can choose the super affordable trusted wheels to support them in the entire business journey. Sigosoft develops unique and exceptional classified apps like Auticto in a way that the client expects them to be.