As per research, there are more than 3 billion smartphone users around the world, and that number is increasing constantly. Subsequently, an ever-increasing number of organizations and industries are turning to mobile applications to increase conversation, increase brand awareness, and drive business development. Moreover, as the users of tablets and wearable devices develop, the worth of mobile applications increases dramatically. The question, in any case, is the way organizations can create applications that suit their business needs without poking a hole in their pockets or updating their whole income model.


There are many best practices Android app development companies ought to continue to build a reliable mobile application for their users. By basically following them, organizations offering Android application development services can keep projects on time, stretch budgets, and ensure the completed platform works perfectly and accomplishes the required goal.


It might create the impression that organizations don’t need these practices. Since in such a case that you’re not the one planning and building the application, what is it about? Assuming that, you are incorrect. Knowing how to create an application that is followed by app developers is important for organizations. They are enabled to choose the best partner for their business, choose an answer that accommodates their budget, and the expertise an organization creates in developing mobile apps. When you know the pros and cons of the project, you can plan for better success.


Top 5 Things to Consider When Developing Android Applications in 2021


1. Using a Personalized Approach to Business Application Development


Purpose-specific and intuitive Android apps are new to the market and are preferred by most people. People like to use industry-specific apps like hotel booking apps, taxi booking apps, e-commerce apps, and more. In 2021, apps with different business areas and a complicated approach to design are not going to bring much business. So if you want to create an app, ask the app development company to create a purpose-built app with an intuitive design. The Android app development company you hire in India must be able to use the user experience to create a personalized app.


2. Using native functions


Most smartphone users like apps that offer on-the-go services faster than other alternatives. It means using the app easily and immediately after downloading it without having to learn its complicated features. In 2021 you will need to hire the Indian team and designers of app developers who are smart enough to apply the native capabilities to the correct functions of your app, to provide an intuitive and convenient interface for users.


3. Fast deployment


The Android app industry offers companies a variety of options and benefits. However, due to the fierce competition in the market, you should be quick to get started deploying your Android app as the competition is increasing by the minute. With this in mind, you should choose an Android mobile app development company that follows agile app development practices so that they can be built and deployed faster.


4. Make The App Free In Playstore


More and more people are liking the free Android apps. The ratio of free app download and paid app download is quite high. As the number of Android users increases, it only increases. So, a primary concern will be income generation when you follow the free application downloading approach. One way is to ask the Android app development company to make a functional application that you can do business with based on its popularity.


5. Security


The security of your Android app is an important factor that can determine the rating of the app in 2021. Taking into account the security breaches in recent years, the Android industry has already added some new security policies for app development service providers. In addition, the security restrictions are tightened with each version update. Therefore, the company you hire to develop Android apps should be familiar with the latest security updates and create secure apps for you.




There are many things you need to consider when building an app that will determine how successful the app can ultimately be. Your mobile app has the maximum chance of success if every element is considered instead of just throwing something to make a working model. This leads to a terrible user experience. Since we want users to properly interact with the apps in order to be successful, you shouldn’t test the limits of a composite design. If you implement the above elements during the app development process, you will definitely find that you are building a successful app. If you are looking to hire android app developers in India to build an efficient and successful app, contact us now.