Esthete is a Bengaluru-based Design and Build Construction Company. We developed an app for them so that the admin can control all the activities. Esthete offers prefab construction technologies, and they employ highly qualified professionals for the actual execution of the construction process. They approached us to develop a customer-friendly mobile app for effective communication. Customer App consists of the option to register to schedule meetings with esthete executives. They can schedule site visits through the App and then schedule the meeting with the Esthete team. Users can also submit a request to inquire about a particular project with a survey number. They can upload images of the projects for reference.

The admin can view project manager activities, client activities, and the status of all projects. In the Project manager app, the manager can update the meeting request. Images of all completed projects with location and price lists are also displayed. Efficient communication takes place between clients and project managers through apps.