Boostx is a cafe business. Boostx app envisioned to let the business run lucky draws for purchases from the cafe. There are two types of tickets in Boostx- The paper ticket that a person gets when he buys directly from the store or an e-ticket that a person is awarded if he is ordering through the app or website. Any ticket offers the customer an opportunity to win surprise gifts like cash or free luxury plane tickets.

When a customer orders something at a Boostx cafe, he receives a ticket. The ticket lets him participate in a lucky draw, which, if he wins, gets him a free plane ticket or cash. He has the option to collect his order from the nearest Boostx store or donate the order back to the store to double the number of tickets he already got. The winners are announced on the app, as are the lucky draws currently active and the date when the winner is announced. The customers can also see the number of tickets remaining in each contest.