Sigo Token Manager


Sigo Token Manager

Waiting in a queue, standing for your turn is no one’s favourite activity. This is worse when you are unwell Aims to bridge the gap between tradition token system with a modern approach Service industries require an efficient, strategic approach to managing queues. It is important to ensure patients can get effective time with doctor.Time management depends on availability of doctor for consultation. A proper real-time adjustment can make queue management effective.

Sigo Token Manager provide the following features

  • Web app for administration.

  • Android App for Doctors and Patients.

  • Display and announce tokens on Malayalam and English (Other languages also can be included).

  • Essential control of queue management by doctors (Availability for Consultation, Away for ward rounds etc.).

  • Doctor can write prescriptions, view health updates and history of patient Organize Queue on priority basis if needed.

  • Patient side app to monitor token status and time for consultation.

  • Patient can also view history of consultations and notifications from admin. Generate reports based on date, patient or doctors.


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