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Developing a Mobile App for iOT Devices? You should read this.

We know that, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices, digital equipments which utilize software, sensors and other connectivity options for the sharing information. IoT solutions are found in health, farming, retail networks, vehicles and so […]

How To Develop A Food Delivery App Like Talabat?

At a time when online food delivery apps rule the food industry in UAE, Talabat is one of the leading online food delivery apps in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and many other cities in UAE. Users find nearby restaurants with ratings, […]

Everything you should count while developing user-centric mobile apps

According to reports, the revenue of the mobile app market has gone on to reach a couple of hundred billion recently and a few billion apps downloaded to their connected devices. This trend is improving on its own and going […]

9 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups

As of now, the usage of mobile apps is increasing day by day. Every business is considering mobile applications as one of the main factors behind its success. According to research, around 2.5 billion mobile users are there all over […]

Top app development trends that will rule the future

Various technologies have made a start to influence the mobile app development industry in 2020. In an age when businesses are heading towards digitization, mobile apps are winning unimaginable importance in all spheres of life. The past few years have […]

What is Flutter, how flutter will effect native app development?

Today, in this blog, we would like to give information about Flutter, an amazing cross-platform framework. Before moving on to Flutter, let’s have a look into the benefits of cross-platform development. Benefits of Cross-Platform Development As a mobile app development […]

Flutter, the new dimension for cross-platform development

Flutter, the new dimension for cross-platform development In this current scenario, mobile app development is one of the trending sectors. When it comes to app development, there are several cross-platform frameworks. This includes Cordova, Intel XDK, Xamarin, Flutter, and a […]

How E Learning Mobile Apps can tackle Covid lockdown

The current situation is not something familiar to us. Since the lockdown, many businesses including education stopped working as usual. Everyone is looking for digital solutions and continue doing business online. One of the high demanding software is the E-Learning […]

Why Apple? Still better from a iOS developers Perspective

This is a common question or doubt from the last few years. The question itself arises since there is competition in-between. Anyway, Apple stays leading because it always keeps the standard in Security level, Device manufacturing, Updates and much more. […]