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Developing a Mobile App for iOT Devices? You should read this.

We know that, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices, digital equipments which utilize software, sensors and other connectivity options for the sharing information. IoT solutions are found in health, farming, retail networks, vehicles and so on. Accessing IoT solutions through mobile apps is logical because mobile apps are more user centric. Also Mobile phones makes it more flexible platform for accessing data compared to web apps.

From past few years, mobile app development becomes much more advanced when it comes to having a software that managed information from multiple connected devices. IoT Mobile applications are required to communicate with a number of different devices in a local or remote network. Typical application development used to begin by documenting functions, designing the flow, creating the UI/UX that the App needed to perform, but when developing mobile apps for IoT, the desired physical functions needed to consider first. The App developers need to study how the iOT devices communicates. Usually mobile apps communicates via Wi-Fi, Mobile Data or through Bluetooth. Most IoT devices have specific connection protocols and gateways, which makes the communication more secure.

Today mobile devices has many connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and NFC that enable them to communicate to other devices or sensors. Now a Smartphone can interact with Smartwatches, fitness bands to ease and improve the user experience. Hotels already started replacing keys and cards based access with Smartphones. You can enter the room with the hotel app in your smart phone.

IoT will enable you to operate your office access systems, open the garage door through your Mobile. The fast internet connectivity and multiple sensors strengthens the IoT ecosystem. Mobile apps that control these devices should give the user a physical feel of operating those devices, a user centric interface, haptic feedbacks, proper guidance are a must in developing such application. The Mobile App should give proper notifications of changes happening to the device. This will give a feeling to the user that the Mobile App is taking control of everything for him.

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    • […] The mobile connectivity and in-built sensors reinforce IoT ecosystem creating a new world of opportunities and development in education, travel, healthcare, retail and many other industries. Mobile applications have been around for quite time now but the integration of the IoT is something they have witnessed only recently. The job of associated devices such as wearables has been crucial in this context. IoT has changed the substance  of mobile apps, and to achieve goal of making everyone’s life easier developers should first go through the pain of creating compatible infrastructure and platform. Creating mobile app is same as Creating web app with traditional software development. However, there is one critical difference that mobile apps take advantage of unique features that a mobile device could offer. For instance, gaming applications can take advantage of accelerometer of iPhone. As IoT is proceeding to develop, the concept of smart cities and smart homes would flourish. In such an situation, mobile devices function as main interface through which we interact with IoT enabled devices. Mobile devices are already enabled with sensors and applications that give great information regarding the users. We know, mobile applications are as ubtiqouis as oxygen in today’s technology-driven world.https://sigosoft.co.uk/blog/impact-of-iot-in-mobile-app/ […]

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