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9 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups

As of now, the usage of mobile apps is increasing day by day. Every business is considering mobile applications as one of the main factors behind its success.

According to research, around 2.5 billion mobile users are there all over the world. Moreover, it is expected to reach around 3.8 billion by the year 2021.

Now, you may clear how important mobile applications are for businesses. Thus, startups, as well as small businesses must use mobile apps to compete in this marketplace. However, a startup may need some mobile app development tips. 

Keeping this in mind, here we are jotting down 9 tips for mobile app development. We Sigosoft is the Best mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE offering reliable and worthy mobile app development solutions all over the world. 

Here are the 9 tips for mobile app development that will be useful to startups:

1. Reliability 

Reliability is very important when it comes to offering any service. If you are offering mobile app development service, then you must provide a 100% reliable service to your clients. 

Moreover, you must be able to tackle the issues associated with it. 

2. Target Audience 

Before developing the mobile, you must know your target audience. Finding out the perfect target audience is a starting step to the success of your business. 

Developing apps considering the targeted audience can help attract potential users towards your app. 

3. Language and Framework 

Having a simple and user-friendly interface and great functionality attracts more potential customers. Know your audience and understand whether you have iOS or Android users. 

If you have an android, as well as iOS users, then you must consider hybrid app development services. 

4. Unpaid Apps

Unpaid apps can help you attain more profit. As compared to paid apps, unpaid apps are more attractive to most of the people. According to some reports, paid apps could be less attractive for the user for the first time. 

The best and simple method to do this is via advertisements, as well as in-app purchases. 

5. Marketing and Promotion

Mobile apps play a vital role in the success of almost every businesses. However, launching a mobile app is not an easy task; instead, it’s quite a challenging task. Though it’s challenging, if you launch using the perfect and appropriate marketing and promotion strategies, then your app can be a massive success. 

6. Competitive Marketplace

When it comes to mobile app development, the marketplace is very much competitive. You will find several similar apps. Though this is a fact, you can make your app stand out from the crowd. However, for this, you have to use certain techniques. This includes:

i. Find out the right and valuable keywords and do proper SEO.

Analyze the user reviews of your competitors and find out the issue associated with their app. Remove those issues in your application. 

7. Testing

Once you develop the mobile, it would be better if you test the apps repeatedly. This will help you find out technical issues if any and solve it at the earliest. 

8. Hire the Best App Development Team

To make the app as per the trends, you’ll need the help of a mobile app development company with years of experience. 

Getting help from the best app development company will prove fruitful to you.

9. App Release Period 

Don’t rush the release of the mobile app as it will not attract the targeted audience. Thus, you should find when your target audience will require your mobile app. 

For example, if it is a learning app, then you must release it before the exam. 


For startups, mobile apps are necessary to gain profit quickly. Being a top mobile app development company in India, we shared some of the mobile app development tips that can prove helpful to startups. 

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