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The most expected features that is actually going to be in iOS14.

iOS 14 is the latest updated version of iOS with several new amazing features. However, when it comes to iOS developers, there are some top features in iOS 14 that they must aware of.

As we are the top iOS app development company in India, here we are listing out the top iOS 14 features that every iOS developer should know.

1. Home Screen

iPhone of version iOS 14 has a more functional home screen as compared to the previous versions. In this version, App Library is the new space at the end of the home screen. App library groups all the apps together into visual and larger folders automatically.

You can see the search bar at the screen’s top. When it comes to search, Apple is making use of on-device intelligence to group the most used and suggested apps together.

2. Widgets

Finally, widgets have reached iOS as well. You can resize the widgets if you want. Not only this, but also can be added to the home screen. These widgets are not just resizable but are customizable as well.

This feature will also become accessible on iPad and iPad OS.

3. Siri

There are many times when Apple left out mentioning Siri when talking about iOS. However, this scenario will not occur when it comes to talking about iOS 14. It’s because this virtual assistant had come up with a new design and efficacies.

This virtual assistant pops up with the new animations. Moreover, it offers widgets for certain questions. For example, “What’s the weather like?.” It supports sending messages and has a translation app as well. You can use the translation app even if you do not have an internet connection.

As per the Apple, Siri consists of 20x more “fact as compared to 3 years ago”.

4. Picture-in-Picture

This feature is accessible on the iPad, but this is for the first time, it is becoming accessible on the iPhone. The feature will work automatically when you close any app with a playing video and that window will become resizable.

If you are an Android user, then hearing about this feature will not be an exciting thing as it is in Android for many years. However, this is an exciting thing for iOS lovers.

5. App Clips

Apple has come up with App Clips, similarly how Google comes up with Instant Apps. In this fact, these are mini-apps that are handy and appear only when you require it. Moreover, it will not ask you to download the entire app.

For example, car rental app: The app clips will help you use a QR code or NFC to access some important portion of the app without using the app store.

6. Maps

Last year, there were a lot of updates on Apple Maps. When it comes to iOS 14, maps are coming to Canada, UK, and Ireland.

Moreover, the latest version of iOS introduced cycling directions. This had come up with a dedicated cycling option, which provides information about the route. The feature will first reach several cities in Chinese and the US.


In this blog, we have explained 6 top iOS 14 features that every iOS developer must be aware of. So, if you are an iOS developer, then this blog will prove to be an asset for you.

If you want to know about more features of iOS 14 version, then call us. We, the best mobile app development company in India is at your assistance.

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