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What is Flutter, how flutter will effect native app development?

Today, in this blog, we would like to give information about Flutter, an amazing cross-platform framework.

Before moving on to Flutter, let’s have a look into the benefits of cross-platform development.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Development

As a mobile app development company in India, we make use of cross-platform development frameworks. Cross-platform development offers a range of benefits to mobile app development companies.

Here are some of them:

1. Reuse of User Interface

When it comes to the reuse of UI, some designers and developers say that it must be according to the guidelines of the platform. However, at the same time, now there is a unified “branded” UI. This UI is the same for all the platforms. Not only this, but also the platforms are removing the differences in UX, as well as UI by themselves.

2. Synchronized

When you develop a unique and new feature, it is quite often that it will get tested and deployed all at once. This helps the marketing and support team, and product managers to make their work easy. It’s because the chances of getting the similar version app at once to users will increase.

3. Development Cycle

Implementing any feature for one time is a faster process than implementing it twice. This is applicable for a full development life cycle. The cycle starts with the discovery of the product to coding, testing, as well as deployment.

Now, let’s move on to Flutter.

How Flutter is Helpful for App Development?

If you are using the flutter cross-platform framework for mobile app development, then you can share code for your business logic. Not only this, but also can share the user interface. This is because the rendering process is done by the framework as there are several options for this.

It includes:

Using components (natively looking) on every platform

Unified user interface across platforms

Along with this, there are some weird combinations as well. For example, components of Material on iOS and Cupertino on Android.

Next is high performance. With a flutter, you can enjoy the high performance of 60 FPS. This is applicable for difficult animations as well. Moreover, as all the components are used from the starting, you will get an amazing user interface system built on functional composition, as well as composition over inheritance.

Additionally, one more unique thing about flutter is it uses dart language.

Pros of Developing an App with Flutter

1. Coding will be less: If you are an app developer using flutter, then you do not have to code a new programme whenever you make changes in the application. This is because it enables hot reload. Moreover, this framework uses an object-oriented programming language called dart.

Flutter is declarative, as well as reactive because it is somewhat same as react-native.

2. Cross-platform:Flutter is a cross-platform development framework in which the app developers has to code only one time. You can use that code in other platforms as well. Moreover, this framework is the only access to development in Fuchsia platform of Google.

3. Hot Reload: Flutter has a feature called “hot reload”. Thus, the changes done on the apps become visible to the app developers immediately. This makes the app development process easy and saves a lot of time.

4. Widgets: This app development framework has several customized and natural-looking widgets. These widgets perform well and make the application more convenient and appealing. All the widgets are unified for every layout, as well as a platform.

Future of Flutter

Developing quality and productive mobile apps are always necessary for the growth of the business. However, while developing mobile apps separately for Android and iOS, some compromises are made between productivity and quality. This is the reason why Google launched flutter.

This framework came into the limelight recently, but it has become popular soon. We believe that this cross-platform development tool is having a bright future. Keeping this in mind, now Google also introduced flutter 1.7 with additional features. This version is more potent as compared to earlier versions- flutter 1.5 & 1.6.

As a mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE, we also use Flutter as one of our cross-platform development tools.

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