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How E Learning Mobile Apps can tackle Covid lockdown

The current situation is not something familiar to us. Since the lockdown, many businesses including education stopped working as usual. Everyone is looking for digital solutions and continue doing business online. One of the high demanding software is the E-Learning system, especially those with Mobile Apps.

There are already Market giants like Byju’s, UnAcademy in the market. And as you know, the bigger the brand, the bigger the pricing. There are a huge number of middle and below students who can’t afford these market rulers. Also, the situation has been effected too many Private coaching centres as well as teachers.

So, there is a huge market for software companies for budget-friendly e-learning mobile App solutions, if things are good there are potential buyers who are eagerly waiting for this. The most needed features will be an online course subscription, online payment gateway, online classes, video tutorials, and online exams.

As a mobile app development company, Sigosoft has a simple E-Learning Mobile App solution, with all the most needed features, and a backend admin panel for administrators and for teachers.

Our solution is not only limited to Academics. The App can be used for all kinds of training including a dance class, drawing or even a Yoga training.

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Praveen Nair

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