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Wearable devices, Why it is getting more relevant today than before?

Wearable Technology refers to the digital technologies or components which can be  worn with items such as clothes and accessories used daily by the people. These wearable devices can communicate with the wearer and allow them to access different information. The wearable device could be either a watch, band, spectacles, cap, shoes or may be a smart tattoo!

Advantages of Wearable Technology

Increased Connectivity
We are not supposed to carry our phone always, but missing an important call is also can not be compromised. Now we can do both using our Smart watches. As an example, the Apple watches keeps you notified constantly about the incoming & outgoing calls, SMS and e-mails. And you can attend calls without any hassle.  And it even helps you in finding your misplaced phone. Thus, the wearable devices help you in building up your connections.

Employment Opportunities
As wearable technology is gaining popularity day by day, the number of users are getting almost doubled every year. The devices are not only being used as a general informative device, such as a smart watch or a band, it is also widely popular in health care, security and tracking etc. So more job opportunities are waiting in its manufacturing as well as writing programs for the upcoming needs.

HealthCare Benefits
A new smart watch like Apple watch 6 can take ECG, pulse, blood oxygen levels, sleep tracking and many more things. The device can act as your personal trainer, and it can motivate you to do more physical activities, to stand up when you keep sitting for more hours, to take a deep breath when it feels you are stressed. Even the device alerts your near ones if something happens to you. We already heard many stories of Apple watch which saved life’s. They have a very advanced fall detection system, which alerts your emergency contacts that something happened to you, and it even shares your location.

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