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Simple and Amazing Mobile App Ideas for Startups to Achieve Profit in 2020


In the current scenario, mobile applications are becoming a trend. Everything can be done using mobile ranging from buying electronics to various types of foods. 

Mobile applications had become a part of today’s digital environment. Nowadays, people spend most of their time in mobile apps. As a result, many startup businesses are also moving on to this trend. However, some of them might have confusion on choosing the best app with which they can attain a profit. 

Considering this, we Sigosoft, leading mobile app development company in India, Calicut is listing out some of the best mobile app ideas useful for all the startups. 

Have a look. 

1. Health App

Health app is one of the best ideas to make use of. With this app, the users can check their health on a daily basis. It gives you suggestions on your diet for a healthy lifestyle. You can adjust the app settings as per your health requirements. 

Moreover, this app has the feature to connect with the groceries stores. This will help you get the healthy items as you can order it directly via the app. 

2. Voice Translation App

This can be the best choice. When it comes to travelling top foreign countries, language is quite a common issue that many people face. 

With this app, you can translate what you speak, which can help you communicate in the respective region. When you speak out, the words will get translated to the language you want. 

3. Food Delivery App

It is one of the growth-oriented and profitable mobile app development ideas. In today’s world, most of the people are living a busy life and as a result, many a time, they don’t get time to prepare food. 

In this situation, having a food delivery app can prove to be an asset. With this app, you can get your favorite food from your preferred restaurant at your doorstep. 

4. Car Wash App

On-demand car wash app helps people in washing their cars regularly. With this app, you can book for the car wash service. When you book the service, a driver will come, pick your car, and wash it. 

Once the washing gets completed, you’ll get back your car safely. 

5. Online Learning App

Online learning app is the most trending and profitable app in the industry. In this pandemic days, this is the most used app by almost all the people. In fact, this is the one and the only option available for the students to continue with their studies without going out. 

With this app, the teachers explain the chapters to students easily and efficiently. Examples of such apps are Udemy, BYJU’S, etc. 

6. AR (Augmented Reality) App

This AR app can be helpful for you in setting up your room with perfect furniture. With this app, you can make use of your camera and keep 3D models of furniture in the virtual space. This will help you in choosing the best one for your room. 

7. Travel Planner App

Interested in travelling? If yes, then this app is the best choice for you. Through this app, you can choose your travel destination as per your preference and budget. 

You just have to fill in all the details such as activities, weather, etc. Once you submit all the details, the app will search and suggest the best and perfect destination for you. 

8. Video-Editing App

Social media is an evergreen medium of sharing one’s opinions, thoughts, etc. As a result, there are social media apps that acts with respect to preference. 

However, many folks would like to share things in a video format. This medium is considered for marketing product as well. It’s because with videos they can present information more attractively. 

This is the reason why the video-editing app is one of the profitable and smart ideas for startups. 

9. Taxi Booking App 

This app can be a convenient app solution for many people. Whenever you want to go somewhere, you don’t have to search for the taxi. With this app, you can easily book the taxi service as per your requirements. 

10. Fitness App

Currently, most of us don’t show much care towards fitness. In this situation, the fitness app will act as a boon to them. This helps the users in tracking their habits guided by the professional health coaches, pathologists, and nutritionists. 

With this, you can reduce the threat of certain lifestyle disorders. 


We hope you are clear with mobile app ideas. As a leading mobile app development company in USA, London, we focus on all these mobile apps. We are in this field for many years and this blog is a piece of our years of experience. 

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